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Support-seekers who desire a more straightforward approach, ICTFIX keeps it simple: 24/7 remote assistance for all the basics, including optimization, and general troubleshooting.



As technology becomes more ingrained in daily life, the need for support has increased substantially. Downtime no longer represents an inconvenience, but now stands as a legitimate threat both to productivity and profitability for individuals and businesses alike.

For support-seekers who desire a more straightforward approach, ICTFIX keeps it simple: 24/7 remote assistance for all the basics, including virus removal, optimization, and general troubleshooting. If you’re a novice user looking for help with software issues, Internet or device connectivity, and other common problems, ICTFIX is worth a look.

Are you sure that technical issues within your organizational network are being addressed skillfully? Have you ever yearned for professional Technical Support Services where experts are familiar with the ins and outs of any type of affected product?


Technical support (often shortened to tech support) refers to services that entities provide to users of technology products or services. In general, technical support provides help regarding specific problems with a product or service, rather than providing training, provision, or customization of the product, or other support services. Most companies offer technical support for the services or products they sell, included either in the cost or for an additional fee.

Tech support workers manage, maintain, and repair hardware and software systems. Their responsibilities include diagnosing and repairing faults, resolving network issues, and installing and configuring hardware and software.

Coverage of support

Tech support companies help businesses and individuals keep their operations running smoothly. The support may be delivered by different technologies depending on the situation. For example, direct questions can be addressed using telephone calls, SMS, Online chat, Support Forums, E-mail, or Fax; basic software problems can be addressed over the telephone or, increasingly, by using remote access repair services; more complicated problems with hardware may need to be dealt with in person.

The Difference between Tech Support & Customer Support

When people hear the word tech support, it is easy to imagine people in call centers, dealing with unhappy customers who want to vent their frustrations about overpayment and delivery issues. Your customer support team and not your tech support team will handle these types of issues.

Where tech support differs is in the type of issues that are handled. Tech support teams are responsible for handling installation errors, user issues, and any other technical problem that prevents the customer from using your product. In essence, tech support focuses on helping customers to use a product more effectively.

Categories of technical support

Block hours

Block hours allow the client to purchase some hours upfront at an agreed price. While it is commonly used to offer a reduced hourly rate, it can also simply be a standard non-reduced rate or represent a minimum fee charged to a client before providing service.

Managed services

Managed services mean a company will receive a list of well-defined services on an ongoing basis, with well-defined "response and resolution times" for a fixed rate or a flat fee. This can include things like 24/7 monitoring of servers, 24/7 help desk support for daily computer issues, and on-site visits by a technician when issues cannot be resolved remotely.

Crowdsourced technical support

Many companies and organizations provide discussion boards for users of their products to interact; such forums allow companies to reduce their support costs[2] without losing the benefit of customer feedback.


Almost all tech brands and service providers provide free access to a rich library of technical support solutions to users. These are huge databases of step-by-step solutions, however, if you visit the support sites for big brands the solutions are more often for their products alone.

Outsourcing technical support

For businesses needing technical support assets, outsourcing enables their core employees to focus more on their work to maintain productivity. It also enables them to utilize specialized personnel, whose technical knowledge base and experience may exceed the scope of the business, thus providing a higher level of technical support to their employees.

Key attributes of Technical Support Outsourced Services

The need for 24/7 Outsourced Technical Support Services is never limited to any one reason. Every industry has its own set of services, work culture, and attached priorities. We, as Technical support outsourcing service providers understand this fact and come up with the most impressive features that stand identical with all types of industries. Here are the features our past clients' vouch for us.

 100% data confidentiality and security

 Automated processes to save time & money

 End-to-end customer service

 Customize software development and maintenance solution

 Cloud services

 Complete data recording

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