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UAE launches DubaiCoin, as Elon Musk tweet causes Bitcoin price surge

Cryptocurrency has dominated worldwide headlines, taken over the minds of basically every tech enthusiast, FinTech genius, business, and global governments across the spectrum.

Everyone is either buying it, investing in it, or mining it; through rise and fall, people are in full swing with crypto wallets popping up as far as the finger can scroll.

Over the last twe...Read More

Digital technology on the cutting edge

Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning are increasingly important to the manufacturing industry. Sandvik has partnered with IBM on several digital key projects.

How will digital activities impact traditional manufacturing?

At Sandvik, work has begun to incorporate Industry 4.0 into its production processes. The Sandvik brand Dormer Pramet, a global cutting-tool manufacturer, is working with IBM, one of the ...Read More